Spruce Beetle in Alaska's Forests

Spruce Beetle in Alaska's Forests


Welcome to the new spruce beetle resource for Alaska!

This site contains information on spruce beetle in Alaska’s trees and forests. It is designed to be used by anyone who is interested in spruce beetles, has questions about spruce beetles, or has spruce beetle issues in their trees.

Take some time to explore this site and learn all about spruce beetles so you can protect your trees and forests.

New information is being added regularly; check back for updated information while we continue to build this resource!


Upcoming Events

Spruce beetles in your trees and forests workshops

Cooperative Extension and the Alaska Division of Forestry are hosting workshops on spruce beetles for homeowners and landowners this fall. Topics covered will include spruce beetle prevention and management, what you can do for your trees, and much more. We will also have lots of time for addressing questions.

The workshops are free and there is no registration required. See the information below for dates, times, and locations.

For more information or questions contact: Jason Moan, Alaska Division of Forestry, 269-8460, Jason.Moan@alaska.gov

November 8, 2018

Cook Inlet Aquaculture Building – Kenai, AK